Supply chain workshop – save the date!

Supply chain workshop – save the date!

In order to model out the optimal mix of variables that will impact on the supply chain for our feedstock, we have appointed John Ward of Forecast Financial (cc:d here) who will be facilitating a workshop in Ararat at Alexandra Oval on Thursday 10 March b/w 3-6pm, after which there’ll be beers and snags with the broader EOI group and a chance to chat further about the project etc. I’ll send a calendar invite shortly.
We really need as many of you in attendance as we can muster, so that we get your input into/experience of the major factors that influence the movement and handling of material on farm and around the district – no-one knows your business quite like you do! John and his team will then use these insights to construct a complex mathematical simulation (since there will likely be >60 individual sources of supply) to work out how best to set up the supply chain to be as efficient as possible – this is critical to settling on a final design for our plant and distributed storage, pre-processing etc.

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