Supply chain logistics modelling

Supply chain logistics modelling

We have received a final proposal from a modelling outfit called Forecast Financial, with whom we have a pre-existing relationship, re: mapping out all of the multiple variables in the proposed straw supply chain. This will be overlaid with geospatial data to arrive at the most cost-effective set up for haulage, short and long term storage options and locations, pre-processing (if required), centralised vs distributed processing options, etc. It’s a complex exercise but one which will be fundamental to our success! We hope to engage them within days and they will soon begin their work, with a view to aligning to Advisian’s timeline for delivery of Phase 1 findings (within no more than 2.5 months from now). The outputs of this process will tell us much about how we need to set the whole thing up to be most economically efficient, and will influence the engineering and design work that will commence during Phase 2, as well as impacting on commercial negotiations with various project participants (including straw suppliers!).

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