Exclusive ‘Agreement to Agree’

Exclusive ‘Agreement to Agree’

Respondents to last year’s Expression of Interest campaign for the supply of cereal straw residues will over the next few days be receiving via email invitation to review and sign the so-called ‘Agreement to Agree’. This commits all signatories to a period of ‘good faith’ negotiations in relation to the supply of feedstock, allowing us to ‘nut out’ together with full transparency all of the necessary commercial details, inclusive of pricing, quality specifications, timing, tenure and other such elements of an arrangement.

Importantly, this will allow you to reconfirm the volume of supply you previously indicated, including the ability to vary this quantity up or down, or change the balance of sources (e.g. wheat straw vs canola residues etc).

Please note that this invitation will be open to EOI respondents on an exclusive priority basis for a 2 week period, prior to being more broadly advertised to attract new/additional suppliers to ensure that the forecast volume can be met. Accordingly, we would encourage you to address this early once received, in order to reserve your place in the supply pool as it will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

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